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Technology plays an important role in how we determine if your car has a problem. All American, Japanese, and European cars have an electronic trouble-shooting system, which the automotive industry calls on-board diagnostics (OBD). At Hillside Auto Repair, we have the equipment required to read the outputs from this OBD system, which are called diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). Automotive manufacturers have been using standardized connections and codes for OBD systems since the 1996 model year for cars. This standardization enables independent auto repair shops to access and interpret the codes, with the same accuracy available to dealer service departments.

Our automotive technicians use the diagnostic trouble codes to quickly identify which systems are working properly and which are not. I’m often asked, if that’s true, why it can take a half-hour or more to identify the cause of a problem. The reason is that the codes don’t explain why a system is not working properly. A simple analogy is your car’s oil dipstick. We use the dipstick to determine the level of the oil in the engine relative to a mark that indicates the appropriate level. But if the oil level is low, the dipstick doesn’t tell us why the oil level is low. The diagnostic trouble codes give us helpful information, but do not tell us how to fix a problem.

Diagnosing a problem takes time, knowledge and skill to determine why a system isn’t working properly. We’re very proud of our automotive technicians at Hillside Auto Repair, who have the education, hands-on training, and experience to accurately diagnose a problem. Our technicians use all available information--including the diagnostic trouble codes--to diagnose a problem, determine the cause, recommend the appropriate solution, and fix the problem. Our goal is to fix the cause of the problem by using the appropriate tools and parts, and restore the car to proper working condition as quickly as possible. We take great pride in our work to identify and fix problems, and we’re always aware that our reputation relies on getting it right.

Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV)

Hybrid Electric Vehicles from Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Chevrolet, Ford and other manufacturers rely on a battery system that is separate from a traditional car battery. This battery system delivers electricity to the electric motor in the car. Like other batteries, these battery systems will loose their ability to hold a charge over time and will need to be reconditioned or replaced. Lower gas mileage is one indication that the battery system needs to be evaluated. At Hillside Auto Repair, we have invested in the equipment and training to evaluate battery systems for Hybrid Electric Vehicles. We understand the investment you have made in your hybrid car and the environmental benefits these cars deliver. We are ready to help maintain the performance, high gas mileage, and proper working condition of your hybrid car so that you can continue to enjoy driving it for many years to come.

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