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You rely upon your car to get to work, pick up the kids, buy groceries and many other activities. We encourage you to take care of your car to keep it in good operating condition. Periodic maintenance will give you and your passengers the peace of mind to travel in comfort and safety.

Scheduled Maintenance Service and Customer Care Reminder Program

At Hillside Auto Repair, we believe in the adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” We want to help you keep your car healthy, so when you bring your car to Hillside for service, we monitor your car with our Scheduled Maintenance Service and Customer Care Reminder Program. This program saves you time, anxiety, and money by providing transparent communication with you regarding your car's service needs, educating you on these services, reminding you at recommended intervals, and following up to be sure everything met your expectations and concerns.

We offer a full range of car maintenance services, for all makes and models of cars and trucks, including:

Torrance Oil Change | Hillside Auto Repair Javier

Torrance Oil Change

Pssst… Wanna know a secret? What’s the most important thing you can do to extend the life of your car’s engine, minimize the possibility of breakdowns and improve your car’s resale value? The answer is: Change the oil and oil filter every 3,000 miles. Timely oil changes are especially important if you drive under “severe” conditions.

brake repair service in Torrance at Hillside Auto Repair

Torrance Brake Service

Ask South Bay car owners about automotive safety and most will mention the importance of properly-functioning brakes. Schedule your car for brake inspection and service once per year. The brake system includes many components — rotors, calipers, pads or shoes, pistons, springs, hoses, lines, fluids and electronics — and they all require regular maintenance.


Torrance tire service at Hillside Auto Repair

Torrance Tire Service

How old are your tires? If your tires are more than five years old, call Hillside Auto Repair to schedule a professional inspection. Here are five tips to help you select the best tires for your vehicle and driving demands, and then get the most out of them.


Torrance Auto Battery Service | Hillside Auto Repair

Torrance Auto Battery Service

It starts with a slow engine crank. Which you’re too busy to pay attention to. And then one day, you jump in the car, go to start the engine. And you get… nothing. How frustrating! Did you know that battery failure is the #1 cause of vehicle breakdown?


Engine Cooling System Repair | Hillside Auto Repair

Engine CoOling System Repair

Your car’s cooling system has the important job of regulating the temperature of the engine. Just as Goldilocks pronounced judgment on the bears’ porridge, the cooling system ensures that the engine is “not too hot, not too cold, but just right”. This is no fairy tale.


Auto Computer Diagnostics | Hillside Auto Repair

Auto Computer Diagnostics

What would you do if your car’s “Check Englne” light came on all of a sudden?
A. Tap the dashboard to make the light go out
B. Blame it on your spouse
C. Grumble and moan
D. Go to Hillside Auto Repair
E. Treat yourself to an ice cream cone


TORRANCE Hybrid Car Service | Hillside Auto Repair

TORRANCE Hybrid Car Service

Hillside Auto Repair has mechanics specifically certified in state-of-the-art hybrid car services. Is your hybrid car more than seven years old? Has its performance taken a turn for the worse with:

  • Reduced fuel economy?
  • Lack of power when accelerating or driving uphill?
  • Hesitations or vibrations at 20 to 30 MPH?



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