Our Customer Service Pledge | Hillside Auto Repair

  1. We will provide to you a price estimate for all work to be performed.
  2. We will request prior authorization from you, verbally or in writing, for all work done.
  3. We will only use proven parts and materials of high quality that are distributed by trustworthy companies.
  4. We will recommend corrective and maintenance services, and we will explain to you which of these are required to correct existing problems and which are for preventive maintenance.
  5. We will provide a detailed invoice that clearly describes the services provided and the amounts charged for parts and labor.
  6. We will maintain customer service records to facilitate accurate and timely service for your car.
  7. We will contact you if a scheduled appointment or completion promise cannot be kept.

Hybrid Shop at Hillside Auto Repair
Hybrid Shop Professional | Hillside Auto Repair

  • Provide accurate HEV battery diagnosis and repair based in science and technically accurate methods utilizing control software that provides documented power and energy test results before and after the conditioning process is performed.
  • Provide Power and Energy test reports before and after battery conditioning services.
  • Maintain the highest standards for components and workmanship
  • Treat all customers with honesty and respect while providing the best customer service in the industry.
  • Commitment to continuously enhance our training and science-based technical diagnosis methods while delivering the highest quality and technically advanced hybrid service experience.
  • Guarantee all workmanship for 2 years at any Hybrid Shop dealer.

As a member of the international network of professional Hybrid Shop dealers, we pledge to deliver the following to each customer: