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  • 17 Interesting Facts About Toyota and Prius

    blog postTuesday 06 June 2017

    Toyota’s have been around for a long time.  In fact, they’ve been in the US since the 1950s!  Because Toyota is such a well-known brand, and you might even drive a Toyota yourself, you might feel that you really know the famous car manufacturer. Or do you? We’ve compiled 17 little-known facts and tidbits about Toyota and their best-selling hybrid, Prius.  Take a look: How many of these did you already know? 17 Little-Known Facts About Toyota Tight spot... read more

  • Celebrating Those with the Most Important Job: Happy Mother's Day!

    blog postMonday 08 May 2017

    Celebrate the special woman in your life... she may be your mother, your grandmother, the mother of a good friend. Whoever has made you sparkle and shine, make her feel radiant today. Dave Carney, the owner of Hillside Auto Repair, knows the job of a mother is an important one, and really appreciates what a great mom his wife Zoie is. The Carneys pride themselves on hiring people whose mothers have done a good job raising them. And Hillside Auto Repair is Ask Patty Certified among other things... read more

  • Hillside's St. Patrick's Day Wish and Gift to You

    blog postSaturday 18 March 2017

      You know you're Irish (or Irish-at-heart) if you're... Utterly impractical, never predictable, Sometimes irascible, quite inexplicable. A strange blend of shyness, pride and conceit, And stubborn refusal to bow in defeat. Ready to argue and spoiling to fight, ’Til the smile of a child inspires delight Your eyes are the quickest to well up with tears, Your courage the strongest to banish all fears. Passion as fierce as devotion is grand, There’s no middle ground on wh... read more

  • Used Car Pre Purchase Inspection

    blog postThursday 15 December 2016

    We love hearing from our customers.  Many of the messages are real gems. Here's one we'd like to share with you about the importance of being sure a used vehicle you're considering buying has had consistent preventive maintenance. Note:  Names and other details have been changed at the customer’s request.   Thinking about buying a used car? Don’t be caught by surprise. Get all of the facts first. Call Hillside to schedule a pre-purchase inspection... read more

  • From Our Mailbox

    blog postFriday 09 December 2016

    We love hearing from our customers. Many of the messages are real gems. Here’s one we’d like to share with you.  Hillside Auto Repair prides ourselves in being Torrance's car maintenance specialist, and our philosophy how an ounce of prevention is truly worth more than a pound of cure when it comes to maintaining your car.   Note:  Names and other details have been changed at the customer’s request

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