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car battery inspection and service in Torrance at Hillside Auto Repair

It starts with a slow engine crank. Which you’re too busy to pay attention to. And then one day, you jump in the car, go to start the engine. And you get… nothing.

How frustrating! 
Did you know that battery failure is the #1 cause of vehicle breakdown?  
Or that battery malfunctions are seldom caused by factory defects?
Instead, driving habits — such as high power consumption by accessories while driving short distances — are the usual culprits. 


As the sole source of electrical energy, the battery is the workhorse that starts your car. 
In modern vehicles, the battery is on the job even when the engine is off, powering electronic components like your car’s computer, alarm, door locks, windows, digital radio and clock. 
A battery stays charged by harnessing the extra power of the car's engine. With proper maintenance, a battery’s life expectancy averages four to five years. 
But even the best battery will eventually lose its charge. If your battery is four or more years old, bring your car to Hillside Auto Repair for battery diagnostics, maintenance or replacement. 


The ASE-certified technicians of Hillside Auto Repair will:
  • Inspect battery cables and battery cable terminals for loose  connections, dirt and corrosion
  • Disconnect and clean cable ends and battery terminals
  • Apply a protective coating to keep out moisture and delay corrosion
  • Replace worn or damaged cable ends
  • Test the battery to measure performance in harsh weather conditions

If your battery passes inspection, Hillside can help to maximize its lifespan. First, we’ll clean off dirt and grease, which can cause the battery to overheat. Then,we’ll remove corrosion from battery cable terminals and if necessary, replace corroded cables. If a replacement is required, we’ll install a new, fully-charged battery that meets manufacturer's specifications and properly recycle the old one.


Proper maintenance improves your battery’s longevity and durability. A clean, corrosion-free battery can more reliably deliver starting power and have the capacity to run accessories such as power seats and media players. In addition to regular inspections and services, when the time comes, be sure to replace your car battery before it causes you trouble on the road. There’s never a convenient time to discover that your car battery is dead.

Hillside has the equipment and highly trained technicians to meet your car battery inspection and service needs.

Call us or request an appointment online for your car's battery inspection or service.

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