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Tire Safety for Summer Road Trips

tire safety tips from torrance tire service specialists

Get ready for your summer road trip with Hillside Auto Repair's first-class tire service in  Torrance. It’s the perfect time of year to hit the open road, but don’t forget to visit your Torrance tire service experts before you pack the car.

Your summer road trip will be filled with memories you’ll treasure for years to come. To ensure those happy memories aren't overshadowed by a breakdown or a need for tire service along the way, Hillside Auto Repair encourages you to observe some simple tire safety tips before you leave.

Tire Safety Tips from Your Torrance Tire Service Specialists

As your local Torrance auto service center, we advise you to follow these tire safety tips so you can enjoy a worry-free vacation:

  • Tire Pressure. Check your tire pressure at least once a month and prior to road trips. Under-inflated tires affect the handling and fuel consumption of your car, and cause tires to wear out much faster.
  • Tire Overload. Be careful when loading the car. Overloading creates massive amounts of heat in your tires and can cause blowouts and other tire damage.
  • Tire Tread. Make sure the tread grooves of your tires are free of foreign objects. Check for uneven tread wear, which is typically a result of under-inflated tires, tire unbalance, or misalignment.
  • Tire Inspection. Inspect your tires for bulges and cracks in the tread and sidewalls.
  • Tire Balancing. Make sure your tires are properly balanced. Out-of-balance tires cause uneven wear on the tread and can affect your car’s suspension and alignment.

Hillside Auto Repair wants to be your number one choice for tire service in Torrance. Our equipment is cutting-edge, our professionals are highly trained, and our prices are competitive. We’re the Torrance tire service center that goes the extra mile.

Tire Service in Torrance – We Do It All!

Our Torrance tire service includes:

  • Tire mounting, tire rotation, and tire balancing by certified professionals
  • Flat tire repair
  • 24-hour roadside service
  • Free tire rotation
  • A state-of-the-art Installation and Digital Imaging Alignment System
  • Unmatched customer service

Whether you’re visiting relatives on the other side of the country or driving a few miles to a summer barbecue, let Hillside Auto Repair's tire service in Torrance keep you and your family safe. Call 310.540.1243 today to schedule your tire service in Torrance.



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