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Surviving Emergencies on the Road

First Step is Don't Panic!

driving emergencies

If you're driving along the freeway and you have a tire blowout, first step is don't overreact! That's probably easier said than done, but it you'll have a better chance of handling those driving emergencies if you don't overreact.

Hopefully you won't have to experience these driving emergencies. However, sometimes circumstances are beyond our control and they can't be avoided. That's why it's a good idea to be prepared. Driving distracted, can take your attention away from emergency situations. So keep both hands on the wheel, put down that mobile device and be aware of your surroundings.

Tips for those driving emergencies...

Tire Blowout

Keeping your tires maintained is important, but road debris can quickly destroy a good tire.

There are two types of blowouts, a front tire blowout is felt in the steering and a rear tire blowout is felt in the body of the vehicle. Regardless of which tire has the issue/problem, it should always be handled the same way.

driving emergencies

  1. Hold your steering wheel firmly and take your foot off the gas pedal.
  2. Don't step on the brake until your vehicle is under control.
  3. Move to the side of the road.

Brake Failure

Regular maintenance can help make sure your brakes are in good working order. Sudden brake failure in well maintained cars is very rare. But if it does happen, don't panic.

  1. Take your foot off the gas pedal.
  2. Try pumping the brake pedal to build up pressure.
  3. Slow down by shifting into lower gear.
  4. Use your emergency or parking brake as a last resort.

Sudden Acceleration

Tests have shown that brakes may not be enough to stop a car with a stuck throttle when traveling at higher speeds.

  1. Brake firmly, but don't pump the brakes.
  2. Shift into neutral.
  3. DON'T turn off the key, you will lose your power steering.
  4. Steer to a safe location and come to a full stop.
  5. While still in neutral, shut off the engine.
  6. Shift into park. 

When you're driving, things can happen very quickly. You may have only a fraction of a second to make the right move. Your survival in driving emergencies may depend on two things, your ability to remain calm and knowing the best action to take. Before you take off driving, take a moment to review these steps that may help you out during an emergency situation. 

Hopefully these tips from Hillside Auto Repair will help you be prepared for those unexpected driving emergencies. Just remember, the first step is don't panic! 


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