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The clouds scatter and the days become warmer.  Trees boast bright green adornments and daffodils cheerfully mirror the sun.  Songbirds serenade their sweethearts, proclaiming that spring is here.  

But alas, does your car drive as if it’s stuck with the winter blahs?  Maybe it’s time for spring cleaning.

Ask Mike or Andre about servicing the fuel and air induction systems of your vehicle.

Modern automobiles have finely tuned engines.  Optimal performance requires proper balancing of the fuel/air mixture to ensure that combustion is thorough and exhaust emissions are minimized.

The fuel injector atomizes the fuel into a mist.  The throttle assembly controls the flow of air into the intake ports.  There, the atomized fuel mixes with the air and swirls into the combustion chamber.  

After as few as 10,000 miles, deposits can accumulate on the intake valve, intake port, fuel injector or in the combustion chamber.  You might notice a gradual deterioration in the performance or responsiveness of your car, such as a loss of power, hesitations, surges, misfires, stalls, hard starts or rough idles.

Sound familiar?  Let Hillside’s ASE certified technicians clean your car’s fuel and air induction systems.  You’ll notice a dramatic improvement in your car’s performance.  

Remember how fun it was to drive your car when it was new?  Spring’s the perfect time to freshen up.  Call Hillside to schedule Fuel and Air Induction Systems Service and get that “New Car” feeling again. 


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