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Power Steering: A Modern Miracle

In the early 20th century, cars were big, heavy and difficult to drive.  Pneumatic tires further increased steering resistance. 

Nowadays, even the most petite driver needn’t struggle to turn the steering wheel.  For that, we can thank Francis W. Davis, a Harvard-educated mechanical engineer, who invented hydraulic power steering in 1926.  

The 1951 Chrysler Imperial sedan was the first commercially available passenger car                                with the “Hydra-Guide” power steering system, based upon Davis’ patented design. 

But occasionally, this miraculous invention requires a little TLC.  Every 30,000 miles, make an appointment with Hillside Auto Repair for Power Steering Service.

Power Steering Service ensures that driving your car continues to be a safe, smooth and quiet experience. It also protects the power steering system, which is expensive to repair or replace.  

Operating under extreme conditions — high temperatures and pressures up to 2,000 PSI — takes a toll on the power steering fluid.  Over time, oxidation byproducts, hose material and metallic debris accumulate in the fluid.  Contaminants are abrasive and cause premature wear in the power steering pump and rack assembly.  

This situation leads to pump noise, erratic steering — especially when the system is cold —  and ultimately, mechanical failure.

Power Steering Service safely and effectively dissolves and suspends varnish, deposits and debris from seals and parts.  ASE-certified technicians remove the old contaminated fluid and replenish the system with power steering fluid that’s specially-formulated to reduce heat and friction and protect your car’s vital components.

Avoid costly repairs. Contact Hillside Auto Repair to schedule Power Steering Service for your car.


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