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Ongoing Education and Training: Copper-Free Brake Initiative

Ongoing education and training at Hillside Auto Repair Torrance - brake training

Between constantly changing regulations and evolving technology for cars, it is more important than ever to have ongoing training sessions to keep up and stay "in the know" for automotive service. 

Hillside Auto Repair's most recent class was and on site brake training. During this session, we learned about the U.S. EPA Copper-Free Brake Initiative that all brake manufacturers that sell brake friction materials in California or Washington must be in compliance of by January 1, 2025. 

This will reduce the number of heavy metals that wash into the ocean, and brake manufacturers will need to come up with new materials that will dissipate heat effectively, provide good stopping distance, not produce too much "brake dust" -- and oh yeah -- stop the car! 

We also learned about the different types of braking requirements and specifications for multiple vehicle types as well as from multiple vehicle manufacturers. Also discussed was proper brake inspection procedures, brake rotor inspection and resurfacing procedures, brake pad and brake rotor manufacturing differences and how all of these things can affect the quality of the final product delivered back to the customer. 

This type of training is one of the ways that keeps the Hillside Auto Repair technicians at the top of their game and able to ensure that customers are happy and satisfied with the work that we perform on their cars.  We are committed to quality and customer satisfaction at Hillside Auto Repair in Torrance.

Having regular brake inspections and maintaining your car's brakes is a critical safety service, especially for our customers that drive up and down the Palos Verdes hilly streets on a daily basis. Learn more about Hillside's brake service and warning signs your brakes need attention here.

Make a brake inspection appointment at Hillside Auto Repair in Torrance for your car now.


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