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Need Tires for your Prius?

2018 Toyota Prius Excel VVT-i CVT 1.8

Our Rancho Palos Verdes Prius Tire experts can help!

Have you had your Prius tires checked out lately? If you take your Prius to Hillside Auto Repair, the Rancho Palos Verdes Prius tire experts, tire inspection is included in our Hybrid schedule services.

Preventative care is always the best medicine to keep your Prius tires lasting longer. Think about it, your tires deal with a lot of abuse out there on the road.  We're here to help with anything you need when it comes to your Prius, including your tires.

Be aware of the warning signs.

It might be time for new tires if you notice any of the following warning signs.
  1. Tire tread - Tread shouldn't be less than 1/16 of an inch deep.
  2. Bulges/Blisters - A weak outer surface can cause a bulge or blister.
  3. Sidewall cracks - Cracks on the sidewall can be as dangerous as a low tread.
  4. Too much vibration - Abnormal vibrations can happen if your tires are misaligned, unbalanced or your shocks/struts need to be replaced.
If you notice any of these warning signs, get it checked out as soon as possible.  If you continue to drive with problem tires, it could cause more damage or you might get stuck on the side of the road. And nobody likes to get stranded.

Checking your Prius tire tread.

If you want to check your tire tread yourself, it's easy!  Mr. Lincoln will be more than glad to help you.
  • Find a shiny penny. (actually any penny will work)
  • Hold the penny so that Abe's head is facing upside down.
  • In an area of the tire tread that looks low, insert the penny between the treads. Lincoln's head should be pointed down in groove of the tire tread.
  • If any part of Lincoln’s head is covered by the tire tread, your tires should be fine. If not, your Prius may need new tires.
  • To check for uneven wear, check different areas of the tire, the center, inner and outer grooves.
  • Be sure to check all 4 tires, tires don't always wear evenly.

If honest Abe is telling you that you need new tires, it might be time to get them checked out by your Rancho Palos Verdes Prius tire experts.

Good treads, help your Prius grip the road better. Our Rancho Palos Verdes Prius tire experts can help with all your Prius tire services and repairs, from tire mounting, rotation, balancing, alignment, repair, to new tires. We'll get it taken care of and get you back on the road safely!

Call Hillside Auto Repair today to make an appointment at 310-373-7676 or request an appointment online:


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