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Make a Commitment to Green Driving for Earth Day in Torrance, CA

In April we like to focus on keeping things green since April is National Car Care Month and April 22, 2017 is Earth Day. Hillside Auto Repair of Torrance, CA is happy to bring you some Green Driving tips

For the purpose of eco-friendly driving in Torrance, many drivers opt to ditch the gas engines entirely in favor of hybrid or electric cars – and that’s great.  Those drivers who are still behind the wheel of a gas burner, some well known practices can help reduce emissions and optimize fuel economy.  Maintaining correct tire pressure, cleaning out the trunk to reduce vehicle weight, and being careful about leaving a vehicle to idle are great common techniques to improving fuel economy, but are you doing enough to improve your green driving in Torrance, CA? 

Change The Way You Drive in Torrance to Get a Little Greener

While tire pressure, vehicle weight, stray items on the roof rack, and other practices can certainly save fuel, changing your driving habits can increase your gas mileage by up to 37% - and every gallon of gas you save means 20 pounds of CO2 which doesn’t get released into the atmosphere.

What kind of habits? Aggressive driving, quick acceleration, and “jackrabbit” starts can cost you – and the planet – big time.  Most drivers take about 10 seconds to go from 0 to 60 once they start moving – slowing this acceleration to 15 seconds will burn less fuel, saving on gas.  Once you’re moving, every vehicle loses gas mileage when moving faster than 55 mph.  In fact, driving 65 instead of 75 will save you up to 13%, and dropping your speed down to 55 would save a whopping 25%. 

A Commitment to Green Driving in Torrance, CA – Hillside Hybrid Repair and Hillside Chevron

Here at Hillside Auto Repair, we take green driving in Torrance very seriously, and that’s one reason why we take pride in being a part of the international network of Hybrid Shop auto service centers. If you’re driving a hybrid that is more than seven years old, and you are seeing reduced fuel economy, power loss, or hesitations, pay a visit to the Hybrid Shop at Hillside Auto Repair in Torrance, the hybrid specialist of L.A. South Bay.

Another place where our commitment to greener driving can be seen is at our “sister” business, Hillside Chevron, also owned by our own Dave Carney.  The Hillside Chevron location produces most of its own power from solar panels on its canopy, utilizes all LED lighting, and even collects rainwater and runoff, returning it to a cavern that filters it and returns it to the aquifer.

For more Green Driving Tips in Torrance CA, stay tuned to the Hillside Auto Repair blog.  For a green driving checkup, schedule an appointment or contact us at (310) 504-1243.



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