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Lights Not to be Ignored

Some lights shouldn't be ignored when driving.

There are a few lights that shouldn't be ignored when driving: traffic lights, flashing lights from emergency vehicles and a check engine light. Check Engine! Don't panic! A check engine light is a early warning system to alert you that there's a problem. It's telling you to have it checked out and see what's going on.

A few 'REASONS" for a Check Engine light...

  • Loose gas cap
  • Faulty oxygen sensor
  • Cylinder misfire
  • Problem with the MAF sensor/circuit
  • Knock sensor circuit malfunction
  • Catalyst system

How are you supposed to know if it’s a minor problem or a major issue? You don't! That's why you should leave it up to the engine diagnostics professionals at Hillside Auto Repair.

COMMON TYPES of Check Engine lights...

  • Check Engine light turns on and stays on: If it comes on while driving without any performance problems, there is a failure in some component of the vehicle’s computer monitoring system. While your vehicle’s computer will be adjusting the car to continue to run, in the long run your vehicle could be seriously damaged.
  • Check Engine light turns on and stays on, and there are performance problems: If it comes on and you notice a problem with the way your car is operating, it’s a sure sign that a critical component of your vehicle is faulty. When this happens, keep your driving to a minimum.
  • Check Engine light turns on and steadily flashes: This is a serious problem. Continuing to drive your car can cause permanent damage and result in costly repairs. If you see this type of Check Engine light, it's best not to drive your vehicle until it can be checked out.

As you can see, your Check Engine light is your friend. It helps protects your vehicle, you and your family. If ignored, it may cause unnecessary and expensive repairs. If your Check Engine light comes on, don't panic, call Hillside Auto Repair for an appointment, 310-373-7676 or make an appointment online.


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