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Keeping Your Tires Safe...

Properly inflate tires... will help keep you safe.

Tires are one of the most important parts of our cars, and often overlooked. Maybe because they are under the car?

Stay safe, avoid accidents, and prevent breakdowns by following these simple tire safety tips:

  1. Under inflation: Leading cause of tire failure is under inflation. Check your tire pressure once a month to avoid under inflation. Under inflation affects vehicle handling and gas mileage. It also, results in uneven and premature tire wear around the outer diameter.
  2. Over inflation: The second leading cause of tire failure is over inflation. Stay within the suggested load range to avoid excessive wear and tear. This will not only extend the life of your tires, it will also prevent sudden tire failure. This will cause excessive wear in the center of the tires.
  3. Keep Balanced: In addition to a bumpy ride and uneven tread wear, tires that are out-of-balance can cause excessive wear on the suspension system.
  4. Inspection: Visually inspect your tires at least once a month to look for uneven or excessive tread wear, bulges or cracks on the tread or sidewalls, and signs of puncture.
  5. Rotation: A general rule, tires should be rotated every 6,000 miles, this will help to maintain even tread wear and improve the life of your tires.
  6. Steering and Suspension Alignment: If the steering or suspension parts are worn down, it can lead to excessive tire wear and poor alignment.
  7. Replacement: Eventually tires simply need to be replaced.
  8. New Tires: It’s important to remember that tires be installed in front or rear pairs, or complete sets. You may not need four new tires, but you should always replace tires in pairs to prevent balance and handling problems.
  9. Right tire for the job: It's important to choose the right tires for the job. All-season tires are usually sufficient, but if you have a high-performance car or regularly drive on uneven terrain, you will want to invest in a higher grade of tire. You can never be too careful when it comes to tire safety.

Hillside Auto Repair can help with all your tire service and repairs, from tire mounting, rotation, balancing, alignment, repair, to new tires. Call us today at 310-373-7676 or request an appointment online.


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