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Is Your Vehicle Steering You in the Right Direction?

Does it feel like your vehicle pulls to the left when you want to go right?

car steering wheel - does it feel car your car is pulling?

If so, there might be a problem with your steering or suspension, which means a trip to your mechanic for an evaluation or repair. Well it's no wonder since our roads are far from being perfectly flat. While you sit in your comfy driver's seat, do you ever wonder what's going on beneath your vehicle. There's a lot of interaction between the wheels of your vehicle and the road. Your vehicle's suspension works to minimize the friction between your tires and the road, which will provide better steering stability. The suspension on your vehicle takes a lot of abuse, this causes parts to wear out or break. So if your vehicles feel like it wants to go left, when you want to go right, then call Hillside Auto Repair in Torrance to schedule an evaluation for your car.

car suspension system

What's under that driver's seat...

  • The Frame - Structure that supports the engine and body, which are supported by the suspension.
  • The Steering System - This enables the driver to guide the direction of the vehicle.
  • The Suspension System - Supports weight, absorbs shocks and helps maintain tire contact with the road.
  • and of course the Tires and wheels - Makes vehicle motion possible by gripping the road.
Driving through potholes is one reason why your car's suspension may need service.

Reasons you might need suspension service.

  • Pulling to one side while driving
  • Bouncing, dipping or diving after driving over a bump or into a pothole
  • Steering seems to be slipping or hard to steer

These are just a few of the possible symptoms. As with any vehicle problem, the causes can range from something minor to major repair. It's important for your safety, to take your vehicle in as soon as you notice a problem. It also, reduces the operating cost by reducing tire wear, better gas mileage and lower maintenance costs on other steering and suspension components. 

Make an appointment with Hillside Auto Repair today! We can make sure you're making that right turn without your steering wheel pulling to the left. Call 310.504-1243 to schedule an appointment.


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