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Hybrid Vehicle Battery Life: How to Make Them Last Longer

Think of your hybrid battery as a row crew

Are you a hybrid vehicle (HEV) owner?

Do you wonder, "How long will my battery last?"  "Is there any way that I can make it last longer?"

Think of the hybrid car battery pack as a row crew team.  In the team is 28 rowers, or scullers (we know, that 's a very large boat), each representing the 28 battery modules in the battery pack. 

Each sculler will age at a different rate. We want to keep each crew member at peak conditioning AND rowing together in sync for maximum efficiencies.  Likewise, keeping the hybrid battery modules balanced and conditioned will help your hybrid car's battery lasting longer and giving your car better performance. 

BALANCING:  Most hybrids have nickel-metal hydride technology in them. Nickel has a very long life; it's very resilient, so the battery itself will last a long time. The problem is that the battery goes out of balance in nickel. So if you have your battery rebalanced every 5 to 8 years, and you will get much more longevity out of your vehicle. 

CONDITIONING:  Although hybrid batteries last a long time, it's important to have your battery's capacity restored. All batteries lose power over time. How quickly and how much your hybrid vehicle's battery will lose power is greatly influenced by how you drive, how often you drive, and over what terrain you drive. Restoring your battery's power is called conditioning. 

"So, to optimize the performance and lifespan of your hybrid battery, make sure to have it balanced and conditioned every 5 to 8 years," says The Hybrid Shop.

If it's been 5-8 years since you've bought your Prius or other HEV, or had the battery inspected, make an appointment to have your hybrid battery conditioned and balanced at The Hybrid Shop at Hillside Auto Repair in Torrance.


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