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Hybrid Brakes Save Energy

Hybrid brakes save energy to charge your batteries

Hybrid Brakes

Hybrids brakes use regenerative braking, which is controlled by regenerative braking circuits.  This technology is used on vehicles with both gas and electricity as power sources.  This kind of braking system captures the car's kinetic energy and converts it into electricity. It's then used to recharge the car's batteries.

What's really going on?

  • The circuits control the regenerative braking system.
  • The circuits reverse the electric motor when the brake pedal is pushed.
  • Operating counter to the direction of the wheels, it's actually produces energy.
  • The energy is directed to the car batteries and recharges them.
  • The batteries power the electric motor, when the car is moving at slower speeds, before the gas kicks in.

The efficiency of regenerative braking systems has improved significantly. Some systems are able to capture and store as much as 70 percent of the energy that would otherwise have been lost. At higher speeds, regenerative brakes still require the assistance of traditional brake systems as a backup.

Most common reported problems are...

  • No Resistance at All - When applying the brake pedal, it goes all the way to the floor with no resistance. Most of the time, if the driver applies the brake a couple of seconds later, the brake works. Some reported using the emergency brake to safely stop the vehicle. This also could be a malfunction due to air in the brake lines.
  • Resistance Feels Strange - When applying the brake, a funny or strange feeling in the resistance of the brake pedal. This could be due to air in the brake lines. Or, feeling an actual acceleration before they begin to decelerate.

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