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Hybrid Battery Reconditioning at Hillside Auto Repair

For most drivers, replacing a battery is not really a big deal.  It’s something drivers need to do once every two or three years, but it’s a simple task that can cost anywhere from around $30 (for a discount car battery) to $120 or so.  Battery maintenance, of course, is important, but there are many, many more expensive components to worry about wearing out.  For the hybrid driver, on the other hand, the battery is a much bigger deal.  A hybrid car’s battery is an integral and extremely complex part of the vehicle’s continued operation.  In a hybrid, there is not only one battery, but an entire array of battery modules, and is, essentially, the vehicle’s engine – it’s the sole provider of power to the electric motor at lower speeds.  Replacing this battery becomes of higher concern, and with it comes a higher cost.  

hybrid battery reconditioning service in Torrance

Because of the complexity, size, and configuration of a hybrid battery pack, replacement can cost thousands of dollars – there are no $30 discount batteries this time.  Although these batteries are constructed and intended to last the vehicle’s lifetime, it is just a reality of physics: there is a natural tendency of batteries – any battery, including those in hybrid and electric vehicles – to lose capacity and energy over time.  It isn’t a question of if your hybrid vehicle’s battery performance is going to decrease, it is a matter of when.  That’s why the Hybrid Shop at Hillside Auto Repair of Torrance, CA is here.  

Hillside Auto Repair is uniquely equipped to recondition batteries in hybrid and electric vehicles. This process can restore up to 95% of your hybrid battery’s factory performance, essentially eliminating the need to worry about the batteries deteriorating over time.

Major Benefits of Hybrid Battery Reconditioning at Hillside Auto Repair of Torrance, CA

  1. Save money.  Hybrid batteries are extremely expensive to replace, costing up to $4,500. Replacing the entire vehicle, too, is a large expense.  Hybrid battery reconditioning helps your hybrid perform like new again for significantly less than both of these options.
  2. Protect the Planet.  If you’re a hybrid driver, then it is fair to say that at least part of your purchase decision was in reducing the environmental impact of your driving.  Tossing out an old, underperforming hybrid battery array doesn't accomplish this goal – these batteries are large, toxic, and the fewer of them we have in our waste stream the better!  Hybrid battery reconditioning at Hillside Auto Repair keeps your battery in your hybrid, where it belongs.  

Best of all, hybrid batteries can be reconditioned more than once – meaning that your hybrid’s battery pack, with the help of hybrid battery reconditioning at Hillside Auto Repair, could actually outlive your vehicle.  

For more information on hybrid battery reconditioning, contact Hillside Auto Repair.


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