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Headlight Restoration Helps Improve Nighttime Visibility By 90%

road visibility comparison before and after headlight restoration

The AAA Foundation For Traffic Safety reports that nine out of ten cars have cloudy or dirty headlights.

That’s a frightening statistic, especially when you consider how many cars are on the road in Los Angeles. Even more alarming is a study by the University of Iowa which found that the probability of an accident increases by 90% when headlight output is reduced by 20% to 50%.

As part of  Hillside Automotive Repair's commitment to providing unrivaled Torrance auto service, we offer headlight restoration services to help ensure your safety when driving at night. Don’t risk getting into an accident that could have easily been avoided if you had clean headlights.

Torrance car headlight restoration service

Torrance auto repair and headlight restoration

Do you have cloudy, yellowed, or worn headlights? Have you tried everything you can think of to clean your headlights but they’re still filthy? Your Torrance auto repair and headlight restoration specialists can help. We’ll make your headlights sparkling clean and 100% safe— just like the day you drove your car off the lot. Of course, while our Torrance headlight restoration service beautifies your car, safety is always the most important reason to restore your car’s headlights. Dirty headlights can decrease visibility at night by up to 90%, so something as simple as headlight restoration can actually prevent accidents when you drive at night.

Our Torrance car headlight restoration service:

  • Saves you money by not having to replace your headlights
  • Increases visibility, light projection, and overall safety
  • Improves your car’s appearance and resale value

And, since our Torrance auto repair technicians restore your headlights while they’re on your car, you also save money on installation and the cost of refocusing.

Night Driving Safety Tips from the Torrance Auto Repair Professionals

Safety is paramount, especially when driving at night. Remember to follow these safety tips for nighttime driving:

  • Clean your headlights and windshield regularly
  • Only use high-beams when there isn’t oncoming traffic so you can increase your time to react to dangerous road conditions
  • Let your Torrance auto repair technicians inspect your headlights to make sure they are aimed properly
  • Focus on the edges of the light from oncoming traffic so you are not blinded by the constant glare of headlights
  • Keep your eyes moving from side to side to avoid focusing only on the road directly in front of your headlights, which often leads to “highway hypnosis”
  • Store reflectors or flares in your trunk in case of a breakdown

Torrance Auto Repair Center Keeps Your Car Safe – Day or Night

How clean are your car’s headlights? If they’re yellowed and worn, put your family’s safety first and get professional headlight restoration service by the Torrance auto repair experts. Call 310.504.1243 to schedule your appointment today


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