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Fall Back and Your Headlights

Car at dusk with headlights on

Well, time changed. We all set our clocks back an hour last weekend. Did you enjoy that extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning? "Fall back" means it's darker when you leave the office and head home. The end of daylight savings time means reduced visibility on the roads which can create unfamiliar driving conditions. Even on familiar roads, it's important to use additional caution. It can be more difficult to see the kids, dog walkers and joggers, especially during the first week of the time change. 

Are your headlights ready for the time change? Your headlights should be cleaned and checked often. Dirty, cloudy or misaligned headlights can reduce the distance a driver can see at night by about 30%.

Night Driving Headlight Safety Tips

  • Clean your headlights and windshield regularly.
  • Use high beams when there isn’t oncoming traffic. This may help increase your time to react to dangerous road conditions.
  • Focus on the edges of the light from oncoming traffic so you are not blinded by the constant glare of headlights.
  • Keep your eyes moving from side to side to avoid focusing only on the road directly in front of your headlights which often leads to “highway hypnosis”.
  • Store reflectors or flares in your trunk in case of a breakdown.

It's a good idea to have your headlights checked and aligned during your regular scheduled maintenance. Here's how to check them in between visits:

  • Park your car on a flat level driveway or parking lot facing a wall 2 to 3 feet away.
  • With a pencil or painter’s tape, place an “X” at the center of each beam on the wall.
  • Move the car back about 10 and 25 feet away from the wall. Check the beam position with the tape marks. The beams should be in line with the tape marks. If not, they need to be adjusted. Click here for additional information.

New Headlights or Headlight Restoration

Are your headlights dirty or cloudy? Sometimes all they need is a little headlight restoration.

  • Restoration saves you money by not having to replace your headlights.
  • Restoration increase visibility, light projection, and overall safety.
  • Restoration improves your car’s appearance and resale value.

Drive safe and make sure your headlights are ready. Don’t take risks that could have been avoided if you had clean headlights.

Hillside Auto Repair’s headlight restoration service may help improve nighttime visibility by 90%.  Call Hillside Auto Repair today at 310-373-7676 or schedule your appointment online:



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