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Even Your Shocks Get Old

Over time, even your vehicle's shocks get old and worn out.


Shocks along with brakes and tires are often called the "Safety Triangle". They all kind of work together, so when one wears out, the others may feel it. The "Safety Triangle" may be compromised which can cause stopping and loss of steering performance or overall vehicle stability. We never really think about our shocks getting old and worn out, probably because we don't see them. Out of sight - out of mind. But if your vehicle's shocks are worn, you'll feel the effects. There will no longer be a smooth ride.

The signs of worn shock absorbers...

Handling Signs

  • A bumpy or shaky ride - Your vehicle does the shimmy shake at higher speeds.
  • Excessive bouncing - If you drive over a patch of rough road and your vehicle continues to bounce.
  • Poor steering performance - Poor steering response, stiffness or noise when steering.
  • Nose dive - If the front end of your vehicle (aka the nose) of your car dives when braking.
  • Swaying when turning or changing lanes - During the slightest turns, your car or truck may feel like it's swaying or leaning.

Tire, Brakes and Shocks

Visual Signs

  • Fluids leaking from shocks or struts.
  • Unusual tire wear - The tires will bounce up and down as you drive. Each time the tires hit the ground, bits of rubber can get scraped off. This is commonly referred to as “cupping”.

From a bumpy or shaky ride, to poor steering and ride quality, these signs may be telling you something... it's time. “Time for what,” you ask? Time for some suspension work. Don't ignore the signs. 

Taking care of steering or suspension problems early can mean the difference between simple maintenance and a costly repair. The replacement of struts and shocks can reduce costs by reduced tire wear, better gas mileage, and lower maintenance costs on other steering and suspension components. 

Hillside Auto Repair can service and maintain your steering and suspension systems. Call us today at 310-373-7676, or request an appointment online.


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