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  • Help Save Your Tires, Check Your Wheel Alignment!

    blog postTuesday 19 March 2019

    You can help save your tires, by checking the wheel alignment.   Bad roads can be your tires’ worst enemy. That can be anything from poorly maintained roads, driving over pot holes, or even hitting a curb. Any one of these can have affect on your wheel alignment, which can affect your tires. A wheel alignment inspection should be a part of your... read more

  • Surviving Emergencies on the Road

    blog postMonday 04 March 2019

    First Step is Don't Panic! If you're driving along the freeway and you have a tire blowout, first step is don't overreact! That's probably easier said than done, but it you'll have a better chance of handling those driving emergencies if you don't overreact. Hopefully you won't have to experience these driving emergencies. However, sometimes circumstances are beyond our control and they can't be avoided. That's why it's a good idea to be prepared. Driving... read more

  • Is Your Prius' Performance Slipping Away?

    blog postFriday 22 February 2019

    It might be time for a Toyota Prius battery replacement. Have you noticed reduced performance and a dashboard warning light indicating there could be battery problems? Don't give up on your Prius just yet! The Prius GEN II batteries only last so long Most hybrid batteries will take you where you want to go for about 100,000 miles or more.  If you're driving a 2005 - 2009 Prius, you probably have GEN II batteries and their life span may be slipping away. With over  the 1 milli... read more

  • Hybrid Brakes Save Energy

    blog postThursday 07 February 2019

    Hybrid brakes save energy to charge your batteries Hybrids brakes use regenerative braking, which is controlled by regenerative braking circuits.  This technology is used on vehicles with both gas and electricity as power sources.  This kind of braking system captures the car's kinetic energy and converts it into electricity. It's then used to recharge the car's batteries. What's really going on? The circuits control the regenerative braking system. The circuits reve... read more

  • Warning Lights on Your Prius

    blog postThursday 24 January 2019

      A warning light could mean a Prius battery replacement is in your future. So this light appears and you go to the dealer. You're told that your Prius Hybrid battery is dying. But wait there's more. They also say, it's going to be very costly to replace it. OUCH! DON'T WORRY! There are options... When purchasing a Prius battery replacement, the trick is to decide which solution is best for you and your budget. Budget might be the big factor, but there other things t... read more

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