• Meet the Team: Julio Santana

    blog postTuesday 06 June 2017

    Although he was born in Torrance and is working in Torrance, Julio doesn't usually stay put in one spot for long; he’s the kind of guy that is always on the move, whether he’s skateboarding, drifting, or racing cars.   And did you notice his favorite past times all deal with wheels? No wonder his ASE- certification includes suspension, steering and brakes! Julio became interested in servicing cars after his own needed work, and he wanted to figure out how to fix it himself... read more

  • Meet the Team: Jose Ruiz

    blog postThursday 28 July 2016

    Senior Auto Technician His childhood Hot Wheels collection might have been a sign. As far back as he can remember, Jose has always liked cars.  He completed the automotive technician training program at UEI College - Gardena and worked for an aftermarket service shop before joining Hillside in 2016.   Jose relishes the variety of cars that come into his service bay. He’s happy to “work on every type of vehicle” and keep them running in top condition.   ... read more

  • Meet the Team: MIKE RIEGGER

    blog postFriday 10 June 2016

    MIKE RIEGGER ​Senior Service Advisor Quiet-spoken, humble and reserved.  It takes a while to get to know Mike.  But when you do, you recognize his worth.  As Dave Carney did in 1996 when he hired Mike. The respect is reciprocal.  Mike says, “It’s been very good to work for Dave.  He’s fair.  And he’s wiling to help people out, personally as well as professionally.” An older brother who was “really into cars” orig... read more

  • Meet the Team: David Smith

    blog postThursday 02 June 2016

    Surfer? Check. Skateboarder? Check. Vinyl collector? Check. Yes, David Smith is all of those things. And he’s a Senior Service Advisor at Hillside Auto Repair.      As a teenager, he preferred mid-century cars. He took auto shop to learn how to do his own repairs. After serving in the U.S. Army, he got a job at an auto parts store. Later, he worked as a technician and was promoted to service advisor. Over the course of his 20+ year career, David managed the service departme... read more

  • Meet the Team: Charlie Jaime

    blog postThursday 12 November 2015

    CARLOS (CHARLIE) JAIME Parts Manager Charlie’s upbeat personality is well-suited for his position as Parts Manager.  His primary responsibility is to order all of the parts and supplies needed by the Hillside auto technicians.  He relishes the “adventure” of tracking down unusual, hard-to-find items and parts for older cars   In addition, he does oil changes; rotates, repairs and replaces tires; books appointments; and gives rides to customers. Wh... read more