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Black Friday Safety Tips

You survived the trip to your Thanksgiving destination and over-indulging on delicious food, but there are still hazards to be dealt with - overzealous Black Friday shoppers! Stores will have opened their doors before dinner is even over. While many retailers have been offering deals online before way before we’ve had our turkey and pumpkin pie, many stores will offer sales that shoppers can’t pass up!  

If you’re planning to join the crowds and shop on Black Friday, think safety first. Be on the lookout for over-eager drivers and sleep-deprived shoppers. They are less likely to pay attention in the parking lots and on the roads. The holiday spirit seems to disappear on Black Friday. People are on a shopping mission and may forget to be kind and courteous when it comes to driving and parking.

Here are a few Black Friday safety tips...

  • A little kindness goes a long way - Courteous driving and parking habits can help reduce opportunities for road rage.
  • Use your signals - It's always a good idea to use signals when turning or changing lanes. Do you ever wonder if the signals are working on the car that just cut in front of you? Maybe Don't tailgate - Accidents may be avoided if drivers don't follow the car in front so close. Save tailgating for the ball game, not driving on the road.
  • Control your high beams - As you make your way to those 5:00 a.m. Black Friday specials, don't blind the person driving in front of you or the oncoming traffic.
  • Be courteous in the parking lot - If someone is waiting for your parking spot, don't be pokey, get a move on. And don't steal spots from someone who's waiting. That's just rude and can lead to Black Friday parking lot rage!
  • Keys in hand - Before you leave the store dig out your keys.
  • Be alert when backing out of a parking spot - Watch for waiting cars or others backing out, and drivers who speed through lanes.
  • Store packages out of sight – Don’t tempt thieves. Keep packages in the trunk or hidden from view in the car.

You've probably heard most of these Black Friday safety tips before and most are just plain old common sense. But it's just not worth it to let the actions of other drivers and shoppers ruin the long holiday weekend and your shopping plans. Please be safe out there on the roads and parking lots this holiday shopping season!

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