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  • Torrance Oil Change

    blog postThursday 30 July 2015

    Pssst… Wanna know a secret? What’s the most important thing you can do to extend the life of your car’s engine? Lower the cost of car ownership?  Minimize the possibility of breakdowns? And improve your car’s fuel economy and resale value?  The answer is:  Change the oil and oil filter every 3,000 miles. THE PURPOSE OF MOTOR OIL Oil prevents metal parts from rubbing against each other and decreases engine wear, rust and corrosion. Oil also helps the engi... read more

  • Torrance Car Battery Inspection and Service

    blog postThursday 30 July 2015

    It starts with a slow engine crank. Which you’re too busy to pay attention to. And then one day, you jump in the car, go to start the engine. And you get… nothing. How frustrating!    Did you know that battery failure is the #1 cause of vehicle breakdown?   Or that battery malfunctions are seldom caused by factory defects? Instead, driving habits — such as high power consumption by accessories while driving short distances — are the usual culprits.&nb... read more

  • Torrance Auto Computer Diagnostics

    blog postThursday 30 July 2015

    Q   Q: What would you do if your car’s “Check Englne” light came on all of a sudden? A. Tap the dashboard to make the light go out B. Blame it on your spouse C. Grumble and moan D. Go to Hillside Auto Repair E. Treat yourself to an ice cream cone We hope you picked D. Although E is appealing, too. It’s best to respond to the “Check Engine” warning as soon as you... read more

  • Torrance Auto Cooling System Maintenance

    blog postThursday 30 July 2015

    Your car’s cooling system has the important job of regulating the temperature of the engine. Just as Goldilock's pronounced judgment on the bears’ porridge, the cooling system ensures that the engine is “not too hot, not too cold, but just right”.   This is no fairy tale.  The engine burns fuel to generate power. Unfortunately, a car isn’t very efficient at turning chemical energy (fuel) into mechanical power.  About 70% of the energy in fuel is... read more

  • Torrance Auto Brake Service

    blog postThursday 30 July 2015

    Ask South Bay car owners about automotive safety and most will mention the importance of properly-functioning brakes.  Schedule your car for brake inspection and service once per year. The brake system includes many components — rotors, calipers, pads or shoes, pistons, springs, hoses, lines, fluids and electronics — and they all require regular maintenance.   BRAKE INSPECTION AND REPAIR SERVICE Brake pads and shoes provide friction, which stops the vehicle. They need to... read more

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